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With over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, we have become the market leader in commercial operations benchmarking and competitive intelligence. Globally focused, we have the competencies to perform the research required by many of the major pharmaceutical markets in the in Europe and the United States. Additionally, in keeping with industry needs, our company has dedicated itself to forming the necessary strategy to help our clients stay abreast of developments in the global emerging markets including, but not limited to, Latin America and Japan.

PharmaForce International’s research methodologies rely heavily on primary market research derived from one-on-one interviews and in-depth conversations with key industry personnel. We do not use computer generated surveys, as we believe that personal conversations and unstructured interviews result in richer, more comprehensive data collection than can be derived by utilizing surveys. Our team of competitive intelligence experts speaks over 15 languages, so most interviews are conducted in the native language of the interviewee, resulting in more accurate data capture. Our loyal clients have come to appreciate the quality and depth of the data provided in PharmaForce reports and analysis.

Our product offerings can be divided into three unique categories consisting of syndicated reports, custom research projects, and our Global Deployment Analyzer. Regardless of our clients’ data needs, PharmaForce International can develop data packages and offerings to assist our clients in everything and anything surrounding commercial operations strategies. Please visit our Products and Services tab to learn more regarding our offerings.


PharmaForce International is a highly specialized competitive intelligence company, providing our clients with primary benchmarking data within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries so they can make strategic business decisions and be competitive in the world of tomorrow.

The research staff at PharmaForce International is a group of multi-lingual competitive intelligence professionals with substantial experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and competitive intelligence industries.

We employ over 60 employees across the globe who have pharmaceutical and competitive intelligence expertise in their assigned regions. Our analysts and Project Managers have decades of experience in their respective regions, which allow them to offer our clients the perspective of a regional industry insider.

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Countries where we have conducted research

  • Algeria
  • Holland
  • South Africa
  • Argentina
  • Hungary
  • South Korea
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • Switzerland
  • Brazil
  • Morocco
  • Taiwan
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Thailand
  • Colombia
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Poland  
  • United States
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Venezuela
  • Germany
  • Saudi Arabia

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