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  • What is PharmaForce International?
    PharmaForce International is a highly specialized, pharmaceutical competitive intelligence firm. We provide our clients with primary intelligence and benchmarking data within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This information allows our clients to make strategic business decisions in order to compete today and in the future. Our focus is on commercial operations and field force deployment.
  • What is a syndicated report?
    A syndicated report usually consists of a specific therapeutic area and is published or updated every 12 - 18 months. The reports profile leading competitors’ commercial operations teams throughout the specific therapeutic area or topic. Syndicated reports usually range from topics like Oncology, Immunology, Hemophilia, Biosimilars, Multiple Sclerosis, MSL, Managed Markets, and more!
  • What personnel are typically profiled in a syndicated report?
    Sales/Key Account Management/Sales Management
    Field Medical/Nursing
    Field Reimbursement
    Market Access/Managed Markets
    Senior Management
  • What is the Deployment Analyzer?
    The Deployment Analyzer is a web-based program used by analytics and market research professionals to see their competitors’ sales force headcounts, FTEs, compensation, call reach and frequency, and physician target audience in real time.
  • What is the difference between a syndicated report and the Deployment Analyzer?
    Syndicated reports take a “deep dive” into a specific therapeutic area, which includes organizational structures, field medical teams, sales representatives, marketing personnel, market access personnel, and more. The Deployment Analyzer covers multiple therapeutic categories and provides raw data regarding analytics like sales force headcounts and FTE breakdowns. The Deployment Analyzer is a regularly updated web database and our syndicated reports are typically updated every 12 - 18 months.
  • Will PharmaForce International take on custom research requests?
    PharmaForce International always encourages our clients to reach out to us if they don’t see a syndicated report that fulfills their competitive intelligence needs. We will always check with our research team before making a decision on a custom project, so please don’t hesitate to ask for more information regarding a specific therapeutic area or topic you do not see on our list of current reports.
  • How does PharmaForce International collect their data?
    PharmaForce International relies on primary research derived from one-on-one interviews with key industry personnel to collect our data. Data is only collected through primary research, not secondary sources or computer generated surveys.
  • Does PharmaForce International ever use secondary research?
    The only time secondary research is used in our reports is for background information. Sometimes our analysts will read articles or journals to get an understanding of a certain topic, but all data is either verified or found via one-on-one interviews with key industry personnel.
  • How long does it take to receive my data?
    Once we receive a fully executed proposal or PO, syndicated reports and Deployment Analyzer access will be granted within 3 - 5 business days (provided the report has been published). However, custom research timelines can vary depending on the project. The delivery schedule will depend on the agreement discussed within the proposal.
  • What if I have questions regarding the data I received?
    If a client has any questions regarding the content of their report or Deployment Analyzer subscription, we encourage them to reach out to us anytime for further clarification.
  • Can I share my reports or subscription with my internal colleagues?
    PharmaForce International’s data always includes a global license. This allows all employees currently working for the purchasing organization to access the data for no additional cost.

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